Marathon Training

Hi guys!  Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted but things have been hectic and there was little time for blogging.  Despite the lack of blog writing I have been keeping up with running and setting new running goals for the future, the largest of which is setting my sights on the San Francisco Marathon on July 29!  This marathon, while hilly and therefore terrifying to me, seems like a great way to transition into my new life in Berkeley for the next 3 years.  Part of why I was distracted from blog writing was because I was trying to decide which grad school to attend this Fall.  I know I have mentioned grad school a few times on the blog and a few weeks ago I narrowed the decision down to two programs, one on the East Coast and one West Coast.  Last week Mike and I decided to visit both schools.  After weeks of agonizing over which program to accept I finally decided on Berkeley and can’t wait to move to Northern California (and to celebrate I am going to run the San Francisco Marathon)!

Sather Tower I will be seeing you soon!

As for marathon training, I just finished up my first two weeks (16 more to go!) which included running my furthest distance ever:

Week One

Monday: 2.4 mile jog and kickboxing class, I don’t think I’ll be doing much kickboxing from now on as my mileage increases but it’s a fun class

Tuesday: 3 mile run with Mike after work

Wednesday: 7.22 miles/60 min with hills, I’m really trying to incorporate hills into my training early on

Thursday: 4.5 miles/39 min

Friday: long run of 9.2 miles/78 minutes with hills and 1 mile of trails, cool down mile with Mike

Saturday:  Roadtrip to Berkeley, rest day

Sunday: Roadtrip to Berkeley, rest day

Total: 26. 32 miles

Week Two

Monday: 10.3 miles/87 minutes with hills

Tuesday: Travel to Maryland, rest day (got stuck in Dallas Forth Worth because of tornadoes and had to spend the night in the airport)

Wednesday: Travel to Maryland, rest day

Thursday: 8.24 miles, I love running the trails and parks by my dad’s house

Friday: active rest day, lots of walking and seeing friends

Saturday: 16.02 miles/2:20, my longest run to date, wasn’t expecting to go this far but couldn’t help running around my favorite Maryland areas

Sunday: 4.1 miles recovery run, slow morning run before a fun day of eating and Orioles baseball watching

Total: 38.66 miles

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