A Present for the Boss You Appreciate

The boss, the person you appreciate the most at work, but the same person you don’t want to get the wrong gift for. Getting the wrong gift could mean losing your job. It could mean some humiliation that you did not want in front of the other employees. Yes, you will have to get a gift that won’t upset the boss. Relax, its not really hard. It is just a little tricky to give a gift to someone who has everything. Now, its easy to get them a trump coffee mug or a black pen. But, if you want to get them something a little more professional, you should take a look at the gift options we listed for you down below.

Desk Organization Tool

Your man or woman boss is probably buy all the time. They got meeting to go to. They got people to check for mess up work. Calls to make to potential clients. Emails that have all sorts of business monologue. By monologue I mean general text messages in case you didn’t know. The point is, your boss is a busy person and needs a organization tool to be less busy.

Getting them a organization tool gift like a notepad, charging station, coffee mix, notebook, black pens, labels, or folders is a good way to help your boss get organized at work. Helping your boss get organized will help you get on your boss’s good side. This will allow you to climb the ladder higher and allow you to look good while doing it. Your boss needs a gift to save time and money. Buying them a organization tool will do a good job of that. Go get one the next time your boss wants a gift. She or he won’t hate it.

Funny Gifts

Your boss needs to laugh and a funny gift can make them laugh. Your boss gets sad from time to time. Deals go out the window. Money gets lost. People mess up and need to be fired. Now, more workers need to be hired for the job. All the job stress can get to him or her. Show some light on your boss’s problems by getting them a funny gift. Go online and look up funny gifts for a boss. Don’t get anything that offends them and you will be ok. It would be a good idea to get your boss something that is business related and not too offensive. Have a talk with your boss first. Find out what really offends them and what does not. If you can’t talk to them then find someone who can.

Luxury Gifts

Get your boss the best gift you can afford to get a raise faster. Its not guaranteed that you will get the raise. But, your chances of getting the raise will increase. Purchase a fancy gift like a trump coffee mug or a ticket to a comedy show. Show the boss that you have been working hard, and you want to give your full appreciation to the company. You will stand out with your luxury gift and maybe one day you get that raise.

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Past 5k Racing tips on Hydration and Nutrition

Staying hydrated is essential in getting the most out of workouts as well as races. Other than that, one also ought to determine how they will fuel their bodies with regards to achieving success. It might sound quite easy but it is not so. For example, one may think that getting the best water bottles for running does the trick when it comes to hydration. There is more to it, as they need to learn what quantities are recommended under certain conditions.

Past 5k Racing tips on Hydration and Nutrition

Fueling Before and After Workouts

Before Workouts

fueling needs should be based on personal routines. Factors to consider include the duration of the workout and intensity involved. For starters, you should learn your body needs. Know what your body needs when it reacts in certain ways. Since we are all unlike, our bodies react differently. No worries, as with time you will understand the fueling techniques. Shorter workouts might not necessarily need any fueling. Meanwhile, some people get affected by prior fueling and might suffer stomach upsets. When it comes to racing, only those that are over 1.5 miles would require fueling. Shorter races can be run without much consideration to prior food intake.

After Workouts

after workouts, one should take up fluids and have something to eat. The food should strike a balance between modest servings of carbohydrates and proteins. For shorter runs, you can consume and energy drink or bar. As for calories lost during runs, they vary depending on weight. Also, the running and walking have different effects on calories lost during workouts or running. For instance, a person weighing 125 lbs. stands to lose 90 and 71 calories per mile when running and walking respectively.

Hydration and Fueling on the race Day

First, avoid consuming drinks or foods you are unfamiliar with preceding the race. Since running jostles the intestines, introduction of foods unaccustomed to one’s stomach leads to upset. In order to avoid this, practice by eating foods, then running short distances. That way, you will deduce the best foods/drinks to consume before engaging in races. With regards to avoiding digestive issues, even familiar foods should be consumed 2 hours before the race. As for drinks, a few sips about an hour before the race serves hydration needs and avoids staying pressed as you run.

Long Distance vs. 5K Races Nutritional Setting

In the 5K run, your body does not need much of fueling. The 3.1 miles could comfortably utilize what the body naturally stores. However, should you feel you need it, go by what your body insinuates. As for marathons, it would be quite hard to do without fueling. Anything past 13.1 miles calls for some prior food intake. For instance, when you cross the 18-20 miles mark glycogen levels go down. You might therefore begin to lag in pace. To avoid such a scenario, it is imperative that you have the glycogen levels pumped up before the race.

Hydration Advice in General

One should drink when they feel thirsty, and do it in reasonable terms. Drinking too much leads to hyponatremia, a situation where the sodium levels in the blood go below normal levels. Therefore, always listen keenly to what your body is saying. Other factors that determine the amount of fluid uptake are the seasons. During winter, one can survive on less fluids. However, during summer it might get considerably hot. Hence, calling for more fluid uptake, as plenty is lost through sweating.


If it is not clear by now, the body is king with regards to notifications on when to drink and eat. Listening to the cues your body gives will save you from plenty of disasters in the foreseeable feature.

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A-Z: All About Anne

I have seen this on several other running blogs I read and decided to fill one out for myself.  Turns out I’m pretty boring..

A is for age:  twenty-four

B is for breakfast today:  Whole wheat english muffin with two egg whites, side of strawberries and bananas covered in greek yogurt – YUM!

C is for currently craving: Girl Scout cookies (luckily they are inaccessible at the moment)

D is for dinner tonight:  Half a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and a greek yogurt bowl with fruit and nuts.  I was definitely in a snack mood for dinner.

E is for favorite type of exercise:  Running or mat pilates

F is for an irrational fear: I’m not a great flyer.  I really hate being on planes and the take off and landing make me sick to my stomach.  I guess it’s being in a plane crash but honestly those things happen so I don’t know if it’s irrational.

G is for gross food: Meat.  I’m repulsed by meat and hate being around it.

H is for hometown:  Millersville, a small town between Baltimore and Annapolis

I is for something important: Girl Scout cookies.  No brainer.

J is for current favorite jam: Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed

K is for kids: No kids and not planning on having any soon.  A dog on the other hand…

L is for current location: Los Angeles

M is for the most recent way you spent money: A new pair of TOMS!  Hoping to get crafty and personalize a pair soon, maybe like this:

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Marathon Training

Hi guys!  Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted but things have been hectic and there was little time for blogging.  Despite the lack of blog writing I have been keeping up with running and setting new running goals for the future, the largest of which is setting my sights on the San Francisco Marathon on July 29!  This marathon, while hilly and therefore terrifying to me, seems like a great way to transition into my new life in Berkeley for the next 3 years.  Part of why I was distracted from blog writing was because I was trying to decide which grad school to attend this Fall.  I know I have mentioned grad school a few times on the blog and a few weeks ago I narrowed the decision down to two programs, one on the East Coast and one West Coast.  Last week Mike and I decided to visit both schools.  After weeks of agonizing over which program to accept I finally decided on Berkeley and can’t wait to move to Northern California (and to celebrate I am going to run the San Francisco Marathon)!

Sather Tower I will be seeing you soon!

As for marathon training, I just finished up my first two weeks (16 more to go!) which included running my furthest distance ever:

Week One

Monday: 2.4 mile jog and kickboxing class, I don’t think I’ll be doing much kickboxing from now on as my mileage increases but it’s a fun class

Tuesday: 3 mile run with Mike after work

Wednesday: 7.22 miles/60 min with hills, I’m really trying to incorporate hills into my training early on

Thursday: 4.5 miles/39 min

Friday: long run of 9.2 miles/78 minutes with hills and 1 mile of trails, cool down mile with Mike

Saturday:  Roadtrip to Berkeley, rest day

Sunday: Roadtrip to Berkeley, rest day

Total: 26. 32 miles

Week Two

Monday: 10.3 miles/87 minutes with hills

Tuesday: Travel to Maryland, rest day (got stuck in Dallas Forth Worth because of tornadoes and had to spend the night in the airport)

Wednesday: Travel to Maryland, rest day

Thursday: 8.24 miles, I love running the trails and parks by my dad’s house

Friday: active rest day, lots of walking and seeing friends

Saturday: 16.02 miles/2:20, my longest run to date, wasn’t expecting to go this far but couldn’t help running around my favorite Maryland areas

Sunday: 4.1 miles recovery run, slow morning run before a fun day of eating and Orioles baseball watching

Total: 38.66 miles

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Marathon Training Week Three

Hi everyone!  It’s been a tough, sick week for me and apparently (because I get all of my information from other running blogs) many other runners have been sick too.  I don’t know if it is allergies or just a cold but my body has been feeling pretty run down this past week.  I was a little disappointed with my Week 3 mileage but overall glad I tried to get out the door whenever I felt somewhat capable of breathing running.  Luckily I was still able to keep up with the miles on my training plan so it wasn’t too much of a setback (though the amount of donuts and ice cream I have been consuming may be).

Week 3

Monday: Travel/rest day (early morning flight from Baltimore back to sunny LA. sickness and time zone changes don’t settle well with me)

Tuesday: Rest/sick day (Allergy/sinus Benadryl kept me groggy all day)

Wednesday: 5.4 miles on the apartment treadmill, very slow miles while watching Ellen and wondering how to get tickets for her show/befriend her and Portia…

Thursday: 8.04 miles/67 minutes, finally an outdoor run but I unfortunately had trouble with the whole breathing thing.  Also, drove to a local new-to-me running store and picked up a pair of Zensah pink calf/shin compression sleeves.  I like to pretend that wearing them supplements my lack of running this week so I have been wearing them around the apartment every day.

Friday: 1 mile. on the apartment treadmill. I would have stopped at .01 miles but there was another woman on the elliptical next to me and I was too ashamed to stop.  Went back to our apartment, double fisted Benadryl and nyquil, hoisted up my calf sleeves, and went to bed early.  Sorry I’m the worst roommate/girlfriend ever Mike!

Saturday: another sick day but was able to convince Mike to buy me ice cream for breakfast and frozen yogurt for lunch while I laid on the couch compressing my calves.  He’s a keeper!

Sunday: 8.02 miles/66 minutes, decided this run was a mistake around mile 3 but kept going because I was already 3 miles from home.  I really hope whatever ails me fixes itself soon.  If not I guess I’ll just have to stick to eating ice cream on the couch.  Not the worst cross training I can think of.

Week 3 Miles: 22.44 (low but I’ll take it!)

Hope everyone enjoyed Marathon Monday!  I know Mike did.  I woke him up at 3 AM PT (yes, 3 1/2 hours early) to watch the online streaming of marathon coverage.  He declined my invitation to join in the viewing until 8:30 AM.  I thought 3 was a pretty reasonable time but apparently he didn’t.

Despite being sick Mike and I did venture out of the apartment Sunday afternoon for an afternoon Dodgers game.  The weather was awesome and the Dodgers pulled out a win in the bottom of the 9th.  There was also a triple play during the game which was pretty cool!


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